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Java’s been on this trip about papers recently – running out of his old faithful Zig-Zags a few days ago brought about a decided change in vibe. Old habits die hard, I guess!

There he was, mumbling to himself whilst rummaging in the drawer that contains his stash of paraphernalia, cussing beneath his breath and looking perturbed. It was Friday evening and I’d guessed he was getting set for the night out with his mates. I knew that The Cherry Lady was back from one of her trips abroad and had made contact and also The Sandman was visiting from LA, so anything was possible with that combination. Add Alice and Mr. Zippy to the list and the combination could well be lethal, as they had previous records of getting into all sorts of stuff – most of which were pretty interesting – looking back at the experiences, that is, but not quite so attractive at the time. He also mentioned that The Sandman had brought back with him some very interesting substances of a very high quality, so anything was possible.

Anyway, there he was, decidedly disturbed.

Heeey maaan, you see any of dose Zig-Zags lyin aroun? I be tinkin dat dere be at least a spare couple of dose packs somewhere, but godaaam maaan, it shure as sheeet ain’t here.

So I walk over and check out the drawer and there’s maybe twenty packs of assorted papers in there. Rizla Blues, Rizla Reds (British) – regular and large sizes, Bambu (French), Rass (European), E-Z-Widers and Drum (American), OCB ‘premium’ (French), aLeda – ‘king size’ and  aLedinaho – regular (both Brazilian ‘ecologicamente’ transparent paper made out of biodegradable cellulose). There were some others as well – it’s not exactly like he’s out of material – so I’m not entirely sure of what the apparent crisis is, and tell him so.

Shheeet maan, I be usin dese papers fo soo fuckin long, it feel strange to do dose rollups wit anyting else. All dat odder sheet in dere? Dat be what folk be turnin me onto and maybe I try dem a couple a times, but always go back to ma Ziggies. It be blowin ma mind how I be lettin tings slip an not be prepared wit som spare packs. Shheeet! Dat Cher or dat Sandman wouldda brought som wit dem when dey be gettin back dis time aroun and now I be havin to wait an in da meantime be havin to use som of dis odder wrappers. Fuuurr..k!

And he got right back into his mood, which just got me to thinking about how there could be famine in the middle of a feast.

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