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Java’s been muttering under his breath about Rhythmic and his posts bordering on the privacy invasive. Not that he minded a few near and dear knowing things as intimate as his frog fetish – a badly kept secret, if at all, but when he commented on the shirt…..!

Sheeet maaan it be one of dose sober rust coloured short sleeved kurta numbers dat de Dancer laid on me. Fuckin subdued sartorial accoutrement – an he be on bout ‘loud’ an sheet – dat an a pair of charcoal denims! But den ol RD bin gettin his ol knickers in a twist bout dis an dat durin his, like two days, in Colombo – da rest of dat time he be checkin out dem elephants for the two-hundredth and second time, even tho he be sayin what a fucked up trip it be an how much he hates it. That, an checkin out Galle!!! Make sense maaan? Come all dat way an…..sheeet – sooo much more happenin? Now I see why his ass can’t ‘ppreciate da beauty of dose frogs – city slicker tourist checkin out his roots.

An so he get back to Hounslow or derebouts an den he go an ‘tag’ my ass. Now dis ‘tag’ ting be an interestin study in like social psychology an dat sheet, right? Dis one wants yo to put down seven ‘random’ tings bout yoself so all dese odders can get dis infomashun an maybe form som pichure bout yo ass. An yo find all dese dudes an chicks linin up to inform da rest of our asses bout dere random likes, dislikes an all dat odder good sheet bout demselves. I guess it could be funny, an entertainin, an even ‘enlightenin’ to som folk, but damn, maaan, like I told RD’s ass, it’s all dere right at da start of da blog, so what more? An if dat ain’t enough, jus readin some of da sheet we be puttin down, give any readers all da informashun dey be wantin bout Java.

Aaaannnywaaay, since he got my ass on dis trip to some degree, I be suppose to ‘tag’ seven odders. Sheeet! Okay, but hey guys, jus ignore dis sheet okay – I jus be doin dis to keep ol Rhythmic happy and humoured, hear?

Justmal, Jolly Lucifer, Cinimod, Janusis, Voice In Colombo, Sittingnut and Drac.

Like I said – jus ignore da sheet – an no hard feelins, hear?!

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