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Michael Bear is an aging hippy, astrologer to some of the heavies in Hollyweird and one who prides himself on his ability to foresee the future of his showbiz personae clients. The Bear, an old buddy, hasn’t connected for a while, so imagine Java’s surprise when he receives a mail asking for a song! Apparently horoscopes have jived and this fresh talent of The Bear’s and Java’s Venus alignments indicates to him that the combo can not fail to hit. The Bear says that the singer is one in the ‘Amy Winehouse’ mould, so Java has to write lyrics from that type of chick’s point of view and she will do the music.

And he did. It was like, in an instant – he does have this knack on occasion – done and sent off to The Bear, all in the matter of an hour.

Let slip the jagged edge
Past the feelgood fantasies
Roll on closer to the bar
And bottom up the Bloody-Mary
It’s time for bed

Let’s skip the ragged bickering
It’s so un-apropo for now
The chick with the slick hairdo
Is gunning for a shot at you
“Last dance”, you said

Let’s wrap up the broken bits
and check out faded dreams at the door
The dude in the dark red shiny shirt
Is making his play
Or is it all in my head?

Let’s skip the jagged edge
Past the feelgood fantasies
Roll on closer to the bar
and get that last one for the road
The place is dead

It’s time for bed
“Last dance”, you said
Or is it all in my head?

So that was that. And now all Java has to do is wait for the reaction – and then who knows…?

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