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Discussing the biological control of pests with someone who is into the nitty-gritties of the pesky critters, made me wonder if ‘pests’ of the human species could also be deterred from their tiresome ‘whatever-it-is-that-makes-them pests’ in the same manner. Spraying with chemicals is a definite no-no, so what method that could be used effectively was an interesting exercise for Java and yours truly – for a while.

I guess ‘pests’ of the human species could be defined as those that annoy and irritate to the point that the ‘host’ wishes they would either disappear or drop dead. At times the verbal or vibrational signals only serve to increase the ‘annoyance’ or ‘irritant’ factors until the only way out is to change the environment by leaving the particular setting – even though one may wish to remain. So how to work it out in order to have the pests leave instead of the ‘host’ is the crux of the problem.

Java was of the view that extrapolating the ‘fruit fly / pheromone’ method (discussed in an earlier post) would work. I was intrigued by the suggestion, but the problem of ‘how’ remained. The fruit flies were programmed by their genetic code and their instincts to mate overrode all other aspects of their makeup and presumably their tiny brains were unable to cope with their dilemma, resulting in being trapped until fatigue and starvation put paid to their existence. The human pest, though, would be much more sophisticated in that they had that deducing ability that at most times would enable them to figure out the ‘escape route’ and return to bug the host.

We’re still of the view that the problem could be solved, but put it away until some inspirational idea hits the spot. However, if you feel that this is a worthwhile exercise to ponder on and come up with some bright idea to solve the problem, please feel free to offer solutions and just maybe someone will come up with something effective to help many of us out of this occasional dilemma that I’m sure lots of us experience at some time or the other.

Any ideas?

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