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RD’s tagged Java again – this time for his choice of five albums that he would choose to spend time with on a desert island. Java’s initial response was to decide to take the IPod with his entire collection – less hassle with carting around the albums, for sure – and no ‘extras’ like a player “an sheeet like dat maaan”, and what’s more – more than five albums to listen to. But, in the end, he decided to ‘go with the flow’ and not be a spoilsport, so here they are – in no particular order of preference – just a choice for when the mood fits.

Weather Report – ‘Heavy Weather’ (the one with ‘Birdland’ in it)

The Beatles – ‘White Album’

Johaan Sebastian Bach – ‘Choral Masterpieces’

Diana Krall – ‘The Girl In The Other Room’

Bob Dylan – ‘Greatest Hits’

He didn’t want to get into describing why the particular albums turned him on in terms of their content, musicianship, creativity and all that jazz, but knowing his susceptibility to rhythm changes in the mindspace, I could understand the reasons for the choice. Of course if the island were one that was interesting with regard to the flora and fauna, there was a very good chance that listening to music would probably be confined to the sultry afternoons (this is a tropical island, okay RD?) in the shade of some appropriate foliage, lounging in the hammock that folds down into pocket-size, guzzling a home-made brew made from coconuts and their flowers and tokeing on the ubiquitous number, or in the sunset hour and later by the light of that tropical moon.

As for tagging five others:

Cinimod – an eclectic selection should be forthcoming if he bothers

Darwin – coz we don’t know her taste in music

Janusis – imagine if someone slipped in a ‘bana’ session at high volume in there!

Sebastian – who usually plays some nice stuff whenever he plays host

Jolly Lucifer – for that classical touch

That done, Java’s heading off for the early morning combo of (what else?) appropriate music and the catalyst to aid in the listening. And as he wafts out of the room I hear him mumbling that the selection was based on where his head was at that particular moment in time and that it would undoubtedly change, given different circumstances.

Come again?

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