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It’s no fun driving through the pissing rain around the curves of the hill country roads approaching Nuwara Eliya from Kandy. Now that the road has been ‘done’, the surface is great, but that still doesn’t help in the gloomy light. And with the pelting rain almost rendering the wipers useless, it gets to be a pain. Fortunately Runa’s doing the navigating, so I get to trip on the visuals and not concentrate on actually driving through vertical sheets of water.

At Nuwara Eliya I am told that the weather has been perfect all these days and that it was I that had probably brought it along with me! It kept coming down in varying degrees of force through lunch and then we proceeded towards Hakgala, heading for Flowerbook on the other side of the range. It rained all the way to Hakgala too and then, as we rode the crest – thank the Celestial Weather Director – sunshine over Uva!

The drive to Flowerbook was a breeze and although the earth and surrounding hills looked a tad parched and in need of moisture, it felt good to be out of the rain. And knowing that the monsoon will soon hit, eased the worries of drought and the effects it would have on all manner of aspects for those that lived in these parts. Soon the migrant birds will catch the changing wind-currents and find their way back to the very gardens and other habitats they left around April and the rain will be back. But that’s cool – it was just the driving through a couple of hours of near-blinding rain seen through a glass darkly that was the bummer.

So it’s back to base for now.

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