It must’ve been a couple of weeks ago I posted ‘New words for 2007’ and then Java provoked a post on ‘Using those new words for 2007’ in the form of a short story and using every word on the list. I got no comments, so have no way of knowing how it went down. Thanks?

Now with all this tagging reaching epidemic proportions I thought it may be a worthwhile exercise in spreading the virus to ‘tag’, say five bloggers with a penchant for this type of ‘creativity’. So the exercise is to use every word in that ‘New Words’ list and come up with something entertaining. The five picks are as follows (and we wish we could add more, but then maybe one of these five will pass on the chore?).

RD – of course!

Naz – so she could add this to her ‘assignments’

Darwin – bound to be ‘something else’!

Child of 25 – now that he’s older than before ….

Theena – it’s a toss-up if ‘cricket’ or ‘music’ will hold sway

I really hope this works – as if it does, results should be a gas!