Airports are a drag, as are most other aspects of taking off for other lands. It’s even got to the stage where I can’t abide packing, so as Java astutely observed, it looks more and more like less and less of it is in store for the future.

The desire for travel that was initially acute has petered out over the years, and now, moving around within the island is really all that is desired as far as ‘travel’ is concerned. Perhaps it has to do with all the crap like security checks, paranoia, emptying everything into this little tray whilst going through electronically charged arches, crowds and stuff. Java, on the other hand, manages to get into it and make the best of what’s on offer. Fortunately, since this is ‘official’, the lounges are available and this makes a whole lot of difference to us both. Hanging around between flights would be even worse without this small concession and then there’s also the flight itself, where every little bit of added comfort adds solace to the frazzled state.

And so it’s up, up and away this evening to be gone for a couple of weeks – mostly work and little time for much else (although Java has some ideas), but we shall make the best of it. There will be little time to check the goings on at kottu, but perhaps Java will oblige whilst I’m in the sessions – unless he’s upto something else, that is.

One thing I very much regret having to miss out on is the children’s ballet going on the boards next week at the Bishop’s College Auditorium, produced by the Chitrasena Kalayathanaya – ‘Kumbi Kathawa’. It promises to be something special and I’d much rather be here for it than in China.

But then, that’s the way things go sometimes.