Bangkok can be a bitch – when she wants to. This time however she treated Java and me as well as could be expected. Better, in fact. One dreaded aspect of the city is the traffic, but this time – the three days we ventured out in between all the working-sessions and stuff – it wasn’t bad at all. The rest of it was cool as well and the contingent was due to leave for Beijing on the 7th.

The call from Flowerbook came on the 5th to say that Buster and Rocky had developed worrying coughs. And although the Vet at the government facility in the boondocks had prescribed some medication, I started to get anxious. Hasty calls were made to Colombo and Mr. Z, who has mutual sentiments about dogs, assured me that he would sort things out to the best of his abilities through his personal Vet. Minor relief, but my mind wasn’t on the continuing sessions. To put it briefly, one thing led to another and I found myself on a flight back on the 6th night.

Back to Flowerbook on the 7th to find the dogs still coughing, but have apparently responded to the medication as they are reported to be better than they were a day ago. Fortunately there are no other signs of distress as they eat normally and are as active as usual. But it’s obviously uncomfortable – and that’s a drag. Java’s going to ‘worm’ them today, as that could also be a factor. And parasites on a farm with animals are usually pretty rampant, so..

Anyway, it’s just great to be back in my space and the dogs will also be better off. And then of course I get to experience ‘Kumbi Kathawa’ at the Bishops College auditorium on Sunday, which is another huge plus. Blessings come in many disguises, I guess!

So China will have to wait. Best not to hold its breath!