Put down a sentence and go with the flow – is how I tend to deal with not having anything specific to write about when I feel the need to keep the blog going. And it usually works, surprising the shit out of me on more than a few occasions. What I mean is that stuff comes out of my head – stuff that I had no idea of anything even remotely resembling the content that appears on the screen of the laptop.

Of course Java may have something to do with this, as he is pretty good at subliminal suggestions and often triggers the stream of consciousness with either music or some off-hand remark – like the one that he made in passing a few moments ago.

It was an innocuous aside – at least it seemed to be at the time. WorldSpace had an Oscar Peterson-ish Autumn Leaves going on the Jazz channel RIFF. I figured is must be Peterson, as he had this brilliant vibraphone solo midway through the number that must surely have been Milt Jackson, and since they often collaborated, it seemed a safe assumption. The music fit flawlessly into the early morning vibe at Flowerbook, where the sun was just lighting up the garden and the Jungle Fowl (Gallus lafayettii) was calling from the lower end. I was at the laptop accessing mail and checking kottu for the blogs that I usually read and looking for the ones that may turn me on with the first few lines promising interesting content, when it struck me – that it’s been just about a year since Ephemeral appeared with Java playing the catalyst in chief and together we have now posted some two-hundred plus bits and pieces.

Sheet maan, yo shuurre bout dis? Don seem like it be dat long we bein into dis sheet or dat yo be postin so many pieces out dere

Can’t blame Java for his disbelief – two-hundred plus – who would have thought?!! Certainly not us, so it did come as a bit of a shock – especially considering that the average stats of hits per post was something like sixty-two, which to us was rather complementary – even though we are well aware that the popular blogs get waaay over those kinds of figures. The thing about it is that when we ventured forth into the realms of cyberspace, we had no idea where the trip would take us or what kind of style and content would evolve from those initial steps. And looking back – skimming through some of those older pieces – we weren’t at all disappointed. In fact we were rather pleased – a bit of ego-stroking to be sure – although a few of the more personal posts did elicit some amount of rant from one of the pseudonymous characters that played their parts. But that was soon sorted and we managed to find ways of describing events or experiences without involving those that didn’t want to be identified – and understandably so!!

But the point of this post is that it didn’t begin with the content that you have just read in mind – it had no starting point and no end in sight. The opening sentence was put down and the stream took over – until Java’s observation of something totally unrelated made him utter the words that directed the stream to where it has ended – for now. All he said was:

Heey maan, it ain’t what’s done, it’s da doin dat counts.