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Checking out one of the most popular (or would ‘most widely read’ be a more suitable term?) blogs on kottu yesterday I was struck once again by the vehemence of one respondent in particular who spared no pains to express his attitude towards the blogger in the most personal and vituperative way, even bringing the blogger’s family into the equation (okay, alright – it is Sittingnut and Indi that I’m on about – as if that would have required brains to figure out!). And this made me flash on the emotive responses that, in all probability, all us bloggers are susceptible to.

Ever had the feeling that someone out there didn’t care for you, probably based on your views and or perhaps a comment that may have been made? And have you ever felt suspicious that it was that entity who made it a point to tag your title on Achcharu with particularly insulting or caustic remarks? And did this train of thought extend to you ‘getting back’ at this ‘asshole’(?) by making comments and/or tagging his/her stuff with insulting stuff in return? And was this all based on suspicion? No? Never had that feeling? Okay – guess we haven’t been in the same boat at one time or another!

Anyway, this particular phenomenon does work in reverse as well – as I’m sure all of us are well aware of. Positive or complementary comments will, in all probability stoke that part of the consciousness that basks in the adulative expressions that result from a particular post – just as much as it will be quick to take offence at what is perceived to be a put-down. And the heavier the ‘put-down’ comes across, the more the negative will be the personal reaction, is how it seems to work. Unless of course one has the capacity to be totally objective and ‘see’ any comment in perspective, without attaching any ‘personal’ value to whatever is said – a rare state of mind, to be sure but one that may well exist.

What is weird to me about this whole phenomenon is that emotions are created by the mind towards nebulous entities in response to stuff that one perceives as being put out by them. And this results in either cultivating a positive relationship with an individual that could well extend to exchange of mail and even meeting up, or it could well go the other way around – resulting in negative emotions that could go to whatever extreme may be possible. And what is even more weird is that sometimes offence could be taken (for whatever reason) against folk who could well be ‘soul-mates’ and get to be close friends, if not for some misconception that results in exchanges that are seen to be obnoxious and personal. So how does one deal with this? Or does one deal with it at all? Does one ‘go with the flow’ and let the emotional responses take over? Or does one try to be more ‘objective’ about it all and let this reflect in whatever response one decides to apply to a given situation?

In the end I guess it is an ‘all is fair..’ game out there with entities that put their thoughts out in cyberspace for anyone to latch on to and do what they will with it in terms of responding. But shouldn’t there be at least a modicum of ‘decency’ or ‘ethics’, if you will, with regard to the reactions and counter-reactions? We have seen this in the past as well, with Groundviews in general and Sanjana in particular coming in for some seriously profane schtik for the views that they express. Of course cyberspace and the organisms therein allow the individual freedom to express one’s self in any manner one chooses to do, so it would only be by self-censorship that the type of vicious diatribes we sometimes see could be stemmed (all credit to those that allow this type of shit to appear as comments on their blogs). And so it goes.

In Java’s words:

Shheeet maaan, takes all fuckin types – but some types are more fuckin dan odders