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It really wasn’t all that important to either of us, it was just that the remark left all sorts of possibilities as to what was really meant by what was said. Or was it more important to consider what was not said, in relation to the chain of events that led to the instant?

Java was the one who brought up the possibility that although the remark was directed at no one in particular, the gist of the message could well have applied to more than one of those present. To take umbrage at what was said, if what was said wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, is to either be paranoid to some extent or to realise that perhaps it did apply to some personal chain of events that resulted in the remark.

If this sounds convoluted it’s meant to be, as it is a convoluted meandering of the stream in search of answers to questions that may never even have been asked! A waste of time for sure, but that’s how minds work when minds get to the place where reality is confused with what the mind sees as ‘behind that thin veil of what appears to be real’. Aaanyywaaays…

The club was buzzing when The Aging Queen walked in with her attitude properly in place. She always took care to keep the closet door closed as she had yet come to terms with disclosing her true feelings to one and all, and though some of the near and dear had definite inklings of her sexual preferences, mutual understandings left it all simmering beneath the surface. Heading to her usual spot by the bar at the end that was closest to the dance floor, she looked around for known faces of friends and the other regulars who, though she wasn’t close to, acknowledged each others presence with a knowing look or the recognition vibe. Squeezing through the crowded space on the way to the bar, The Queen was fastidious in avoiding touching the unattractive elements but anyone who caught her fancy would be rubbed against in passing – a tactic that had worked for her on more occasions than one.

Java was at a table with Alice and The Sandman, waiting on The Cherry Lady when he saw The Queen as she came in through the door. He saw her look around, but she didn’t catch his eye. In any event, they were in virtual darkness and wouldn’t have been easy to spot. He saw her get to the bar, order her usual V ‘n T and get into the music. It didn’t take long before she was really getting into it, arms flailing to the beat as she surveyed the scene for trade.

Just about then The Cherry Lady walked in and Java asked the waiter to get another round of drinks, with a Margarita for Cher. And then, as Java related it, all hell broke loose.

Sheeet maan, one minit we be sittin dere getting into dat music an vibe an da nex ting we hear what sound like a hi-pitch scream comin from dat dance floor space. Den we see a scuffle breakin out an dese bouncers shoving dere way tru dat crowd. Dat shoutin be getting louder an as we all look dat way, we see Queenie be right smack in da middle of dat dat fracas an we be hearin her high pitch voice even over all dat music. Dose bouncers soon be in control an we see dem movin two dudes an Queenie toward dat door. We hear ol Queenie protestin dat she never even lay a finger on dis young dark-skin dude, but da dude an his fren don hear her – dey both lunge at her wit profane descripshun in da ver-nac-u-lar of what dey be doin to her face, but dose bouncers know dere stuurf and save her ass. Dey push her tru dose dose doors an make shure da two dudes don follow her out and da place soon settle down.

Not long after dat scene be tru we finish our drinks and Alice an Da Sandman say goodnight, Cher say she be havin one more Margarita an den will drop ma ass off on her way home.

According to Java, the night turned out to be longer than anticipated, as Cher got into a game of Pool which led to more games and soon the place was about to close. And then imagine their surprise when who should walk in but The Aging Queen herself. Heading for the bar, she looked around and caught Java’s eye, but decided to get her drink and address the bartender instead. She gave him (for all else to hear, of course) her version of what had really taken place earlier and then, as if addressing no one in particular, but everyone in general, she said:

You shouldn’t play games, if you don’t know who exactly it is you’re playing with.

And with those words of wisdom, she looked around again and swished off out of the club.