For those of you that are into photography, there’s this site that’s a must – particularly if you are also into surrealism and humour. But first a bit of background information about the photographer:

I first met Joel Singer when he visited Sri Lanka with his companion James Broughton – film-maker and poet, in the late seventies. They sourjourned at ‘Brief’ in between trips all over the country and their experiences have been documented in James’ writings, with Joel making a short film on Bevis Bawa and ‘Brief’ called ‘The Gardener of Eden’. We kept in sporadic touch through the ensuing years and then just this morning I hear from Joel that he has finally launched his site. Checking it out immediately, I was absorbed for the next space of timelessness until I was brought back to the here and now by this crazy piano riff coming out of WorldSpace to look up and see the muted sunlight straining to pierce the clouds.

Magic is afoot’ is the title of one of the more quirky pieces in the collection and you can check it, and all the other far out works at  .