Truly, it was nothing all that special. Java has this thing about karma, cause and effect, call it what you will, that gets him backtracking on specific events and trying to figure out how the event originated. Or, to put it another way, at which point in time did the root cause of the result occur? And what specifically was it? Follow where I’m coming from?

For instance,  a couple of weeks ago we were winding down after a concert at Bareass Boulevard, brews in hand and nicely poised in those ephemeral spaces when this nice looking chick comes over and introduces herself. She says she’s a friend of Mr. Zip and that she had met us once some time ago at his pad, but as she had to leave early that night she couldn’t get to get to know us better. Cool. Java didn’t seem to mind her company and I really couldn’t care less – being in just the right space at the time – so we ordered her a glass of red wine that comes in a styrofoam cup (Bareass does this at concerts – for all the obvious reasons, of course) and told her to sit. She looked good – in an Amy Winehouse sorta way – real nice, but oh so spaced out!

She called herself Moonbeam, although she said that she was christened Chandra, and told us her parents used to be hippies in the bay-area of Northern California in the seventies. Java was intrigued and proceeded to tell her about some of our adventures in those parts. They hit it off like a house on fire, Java and Moonbeam, and before I knew it they made a move – where to, I wasn’t aware of at the time.

It was the next morning when Java floated in – pretty perky, considering all that breaking rest and imbibing all sorts of intoxicants during the past several hours. I had my steaming cuppa together, and some very easy Baroque coming out of the sound-system accompanied my perusal of sites on kottu. Java gets his coffee and rolls himself a doob. He sits down and gets into the music. I keep perusing.

Hey maan, know what? Dat Moonbeam chick be too muckin fuch – she be into mangroves, of all tings! She be rattlin off dem mangrove names in Latin dat yo be familiar wit – Rhizophora apiculata, mucronata, an sheet like dat. She bin all over da Pacific an in Asia checkin out mangroves an now she be gettin ready to do a project here on da east coast. She say she love dose beaches an da forest and dats her trip. An she like to get high too, an music. She be far out maan – dis chick be right up yo street.

Don’t know what The Dancer would have to say about that, but I was amazed – mangroves! I thought that Java was close to being smitten, but I guess I was wrong – the mind pretty much boggled!

See maan, dis is what I be tryin to tell yo ass – all dat investigatin I be doin into dat cause and effect sheet, Moonbeam be bringin it all back home. She be tellin me bout dat night at Mr. Z’s an den I remember dat chain of events dat get us dere dat night. An what be knockin me out is dat now yo could get dat mangrove idea yo be havin fo dose tsunami hit areas goin wit Moonbeam. She be havin dose funds an everyting, yo know dem spots in dose lagoons an all dat odder environmental an scientific sheet bout da benefits of mangroves, so now get yo sheet togedder an co-la-bo-rate yo ass.  

I was blown away. The concatenation of circumstances that led to the moment was a mystery to me, although Java appeared to have sussed it all out. It took a few moments for all this information and its implications to sink in. Meanwhile Java had Lennon on the sound.

Know what maan, all dis shheeet dat be goin down, we gotta go wit dat flow. Like ma maan John be sayin, nuttin is reeeal maaan, an nuttin to get yo ass hung about.

Right, nothing to get hung about – not quite Strawberry Fields – but mangroves are quite another reality – really!