The Galle Literary Festival is to have a panel discussion on ‘Bloggers – can they be taken seriously’. Ravana blurted it out to his mum that he was to be on the panel and RD has already put out some thoughts on it. At first glance it seemed to be rather a nebulous topic, so I checked on the definition of ‘seriously’ and got this: Badly – In a great, bad, dangerous, harmful, or problematic way: Gravely – in a grave and thoughtful way, without being light-hearted or dismissive: Truly – in a true or literal way, without exaggeration or deceit:

Applying any of these definitions and proceeding with the question of whether bloggers can be taken seriously seemed to me to be a bit absurd. We are all aware that the variety of content in blogs is virtually innumerable and the attraction they have to their readers is equal to the interest those readers have in the specific content. Whether this is to do with the style of writing, the subject, or whatever, is purely subjective and who is it among us qualified to assess a ‘value’ to a particular blog and whether the author is to be ‘taken seriously’ or not? We all have our individual ‘serious’ indicators based on our mental makeup and it will, in the end, be the individual that determines whether a particular blog could be ‘taken seriously’ or not.

Be that as it may, bloggers are out there to put their thoughts down for whatever reason it is that turns them on to the medium of expression and it would seem that all of us get some personal satisfaction from our efforts. Comments add to the fun and generate all sorts of relationships that sometimes break through cyber-reality into real-life experiences.

Java put it another way:

Heeey maaan, what’s da big deal here? Bloggers blog for want of bloggin, an we be siftin tru dat stuurrf to check out what be turnin us on – we be takin some of dem seeriassly an some we diss, some make us laff an some make us tink a bit an respond, so what’s dere to be ‘taken seeriassly’ bout?

An who cares anyways?