The end of a year usually gets folk looking back at how it went for them – good bad, indifferent, or just plain fugged. There are also those ‘top-ten’ lists that are put out by magazines, radio stations, television networks and others that give us an indication of what they consider to be the best of whatever-it-is, was during the past twelve months. More retrospection, and for some, resolutions for the coming year.

Java tells me he had a pretty decent year – and taking into consideration the number of trips he’s been on that ended swell, I would tend to believe him. He refuses, however, to get into the highlights, or even the ‘top-ten’ number – and I can’t say I blame him. For me too, looking back and assessing is rather a pointless exercise. What’s done is done, happenings happened and dwelling on what’s past has never really appealed.The only way, for me, the past applies, is when mistakes made are remembered in order never to repeat them.

There are so many areas in a life that get compartmentalized by most folk – work, play, social activities, personal matters, the country and others of varying degrees of import. Of these, I’m guessing that the one common to us in this country would be just that – our land. Like I said, neither Java nor I have done any major retrospection about how the country fared during the past twelve months, but it does seem to us both, that there’s been pretty much of a downward spiral in all aspects. And we suppose this is how everybody here sees it – except of course for the ones that are making hay while that sun shines down on their unsavory deals and the country slips faster down the tube – no matter what misery results to others.

The bright points of the year for some of us would have to be our cricketers – Mahela, Kumar, Murali, Sanath and Co., gave us all something to smile about and take pride in. There were also a few good attempts in the realm of theatre that raised our standards – The Devil and Billy Markham and Equus being among the best of them. But try as we may, it is difficult to find anything of substance that would make this a good year for the majority of folk in this country. And the reason must surely rest with the management, or leadership, shouldn’t it? Or should it?

Fuck dat sheet maan

Java obviously doesn’t want to get into this discussion and come to think of it, it does seem rather a pointless speculation that leads nowhere.

Hey maaan, waaz da point in wastin our time discussin dog-sheet. It will be a good year when peace arrive – not until den.

Java’s immersed in fixing himself up with all the right ingredients to make our New Year’s Eve party with friends a spacey, high-flying night and early morning. I often envy his ability to shine things on and let it be.

And so, in parting – for now – here’s wishing you a super and as peaceful a New Year as possible