I believe it was John Lennon that came up with that play on the word ‘right’ when he published ‘In My Own Write’, a collection of nonsense verse, short stories and other lovely bits and pieces – if you enjoy such stuff, that is. Both Java and yours truly, being the die-hard Lennon freaks we are, just adore his writing, so if this sounds a bit weird, you have a hint on why. Java’s been trying his hand at parodying some of Lennon’s material and also using it as inspiration for his own creations in that genre and I managed to get a peek in – while he wasn’t looking, of course, as he is rather reticent about exposing his attempts. Here’s a couple I managed to pilfer and, in the absence of any ideas for a new post, thought I would put this up before he finds out and the shit hits the fan.

Good Dog Vermin

Bark, growl, he goes, a busy boyo,
Percy’s faithful pal.
Grrrrr, snap, bite the buggers,
Chase them round the bend,
Vice boy, goo dog,
Wag de tail and beg
Clever Vermin, jump for jollies
Because who knows what will become of you when Percy’s gone?

I wondered lonely as a clod

I wondered lonely as a clod,
Wispy, white and fat,
The wind did blow a hurricane,
And that, my friend, was that.

And when I rained upon the ground
The sun came out
And dried me out,
That’s why I can’t be found

A pachygerm in my soup

There was a pachygerm in my soup last night, looking a bit like Oliphant in a swigging puddle. The waiter, when sequestered to identifigure the creach only remarked that it seemingly did the breast stroke, but in slo mo. No mo magic mushy soups from dis joint Ed, I said to me trusty canine as we sprang away from El Diablo and floated up and about dodging silver bullets pinging this way and that as the clan wit da plan made it hard to head homeward.

I guess that should do it for now – and apologies for wasting your time – if we did, that is.