Emily Brontesaurus went to town with her hand in her crotched purse
She smiled at the postman hoping for something in return
But no dice – no letter today no lascivious leer that might have been suggestive
No matter
She passed the grocers down the cobbled path she meandered
Straight on through the stone arch and up the winding steps
To seek solace at the feet of the dowdy madame from Hades
That’s right
Emily was in search of satisfaction but she knew it came at a price
Just like the wisdom she bought from the old crone with the snaggle tooth
And the piety she sold her soul for so she could kneel in the first pew
What’s that?
No it wasn’t in the abbey – it was the coven and she made thirteen
Lucky for some she thought as she took the final step and stood
At the entrance to the petrified rainforest where it rained no more
Just myst
And forms of trees frozen in time no space between the beats – no rhythm
To set the pace in the shadowy spectral haze that faded into who knows where
She stood did Emily Brontesaurus slipped her hand out of that warm comfort
Zone three
Eleanor Rigby was there and Long Tall Sally – and Sally with the red dress on Bowie in drag doing Queen Bitch made her stringy hair stand up as she swayed to the absent rhythm
Inside her head she watched the scenes unfold like a movie in those Grind house dumps
She remembered
Childhood in the countryside all green and soft gentle breezes warm comfort inside
The home was where the heat was so when she couldn’t stand the heat she made her move
And here she was on the threshold of whatever it was that urged her scrawny ass on
To what?
Emily Brontesaurus turned back from the brink and went down those winding steps
Through the stone arch up the cobbled path she passed the grocers and smiled at the grocer
Still no dice, no handout, no lascivious leer that might have been suggestive
Another time

Java’s tripping. What can I say?