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I’m not sure if any polls have been taken on ‘war or peace?’, but from my frequent interaction with the villagers that I come into contact with, it appears that although they are mostly down to one meal a day, due to the state of the economy in general and prices of essentials in particular, they are willing to tough it out because they have been told the war is being won and hard times will soon be over. And they aren’t the only ones – just glancing through kottu is enough to be aware that many of us bloggers feel that way too – even though we may not be quite down to a meal a day. Great! The thing about all this, though, is how long can the villager endure the one meal a day scenario, which will probably get worse before it gets any better for them? And for us all? Should a time-line be established for this (the Defense Secretary, I think it was, said that it would be over and done with within this year) and some alternative plan of action put in place if there is no victory within the year? How long to wait? And what of the economy?

So, does any one want to postulate on what happens if the war drags on and the prices keep going up?