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Another leap-year has come around again and fortunately or otherwise with it, a time for celebration. I did a post on it last year here , in which I briefly described the origins of the anomaly to some extent. But of course, the main reason for the interest in this day is that it happens to be the anniversary of Java’s birth.

Sheeet maan, no way to overlook havin dose near an dear over this time huh? Already som of dose nutters be givin me sheet bout comin over an stuurff. Hey, maybe we could take off fo Flowerbook an celebrate in natchure wit da dogs, an let dem dat wanta do da trip join our asses over dere. Waa-say?

I’d say okay in a flash, but knowing how the reactions of some of his mates – not to mention the closely knit familial reactions, I advise him not to take the chance. Although, having said that, it would be a much better venue for an extended celebration that could go on through the day and far into the next morning without a whole lot of hassle for the participants. However, it’s best not to put ideas into Java’s head in case he flips out and goes against the organized flow that The Dancer has plotted and planned on his behalf.

And so it goes – another birthday bites the dust and Java, for one, is thankful that there won’t be any more for a few more years. That’s some compensation for someone who doesn’t really enjoy getting older – four years at a time!