Okay, so she was single and played the field. So what?! The fact was that she had it all – looks, a shape that her walk only accentuated, personality that could shift gears to suit the terrain of her companion’s mindspace and most importantly, she made no bones about being available – no strings! That she was good in bed was a foregone conclusion, but what bothered most of the guys that experienced her excellence was that she seemed so detached when the soiree was over and done with. They made all attempts to get back for more, but usually found that her attention was elsewhere and no amount of attempts to re-kindle the relationship bore fruit. She seemed like a ‘one night stand’ specialist.

But to digress for a moment – or to be more precise – to get to the crux of the intention of this number, a bit of an explanation: We’ve come up with posts that discuss and seek views on religion, politics, music, metaphysics, the morons in charge of governing us, the environment, Public Service, fiction, faction and other stuff – some of them, issues we think may have a bearing on our lives and state of the country. But for the most part, except for the handful of regulars, the only posts where the numbers soared have been ones where the title suggested either some personality known to our little blogosphere, or some suggestion of the profane. So what gives?

And so this was posted at the risk of pissing off a lot of folk who were attracted by its title and the opening lines – all I’m trying to do is put Mia’s theory to the test that the word ‘sex’ draws readers of blogs like bluebottles to shit. I’m sure some other bloggers have also made this point before, but Java just had to check it out for himself. So let’s see how it goes. And for those of you who expected some raunchy stuff, or maybe how to ‘get some’, or hope for some titillation – sorry bout dat!

I guess this phenomenon is not limited to Sri Lanka, so the question remains: What is it about sex that draws (in this context) readers to blogs like bluebottles to shit?

Any ideas???

And if you want to get back to the story started in the first paragraph, see https://javajones.wordpress.com/2008/03/13/and-who-can-argue-with-that/