The digression caused by the need to experiment with the attraction-factor of readership to specific subjects left us with an unfinished trip, so now maybe we could get back with continuing from where we left off. Or maybe rewinding to the beginning may make more sense, particularly if you missed what we were on about, so here goes:

Okay, so she was single and played the field. So what?! The fact was that she had it all – looks, a shape that her walk only accentuated, personality that could shift gears to suit the terrain of her companion’s mindscape and, most importantly, she made no bones about being available – no strings! That she was good in bed was a foregone conclusion, but what bothered most of the guys that experienced her excellence was that she seemed so detached when the soirée was over and done with. They made all attempts to get back for more, but usually found that her attention was elsewhere and no amount of attempts to re-kindle the relationship bore fruit. She seemed like a ‘one night stand’ specialist.

She lived alone in a rather stylish, yet tastefully, decorated apartment and her cardinal rule was that her dates were never, ever, entertained within its confines. Her close friends, however, were usually welcome and she took care of them unstintingly – with all the required accoutrements that made for excellent times together. Her taste in music ranged from classics to jazz to rock and, for want of a better term, ‘world-music’ – right up Java’s musical street! She was ‘intellectual’, in a manner of speaking, but never attempted to force her opinions on anyone that may disagree with her views, preferring to avoid contentious debates, but leaving behind traces of her logic to simmer in their heads. Having known Java for many moons, she was comfortable enough around him to, as he put it, ‘talk all kindsa sheet, maan’, and so, one evening when they were by themselves, she told him something of her past that he wasn’t hip to.

She told him that she was so affected by her very first ‘love’ that, having been taken for the proverbial ride and dumped in a way that was both embarrassing and cruel, she determined never to get ‘taken’ ever again. And soon she found out that she could attract just about anyone she wanted simply by looking good and playing the game. She wasn’t out for revenge nor was she a ‘man-hater’ due to her telling experience – no, she enjoyed being with guys she found attractive and savvy, went to bed with them if she felt like it, but having bedded them once, would never date them again. She said she didn’t want to get hung up on any one man and enjoyed where her head was at. There were no complications this way, she said – and Java could well believe her. Sounded okay to him – it was just that he felt she didn’t allow for the chance that she could meet someone who could possibly make it work – for both of them. She responded to indicate that she didn’t really need a man around, either for material or emotional support. She was very content as she was, thank you very much, she said – and Java had to agree, knowing her as he did, that she was certainly secure and extremely well balanced all round.

She said she wasn’t worried about what was said about her in the little ‘social circles’ that is so much of the norm of the city’s makeup, as there was nothing she had to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Her values didn’t have to match those to whom her behaviour seemed improper or immoral, and she couldn’t care less if one of her ‘one-night stands’ badmouthed her in a fit of pique or resentment at not being able to score a second time. However, it seemed to her that the guys she chose to get off with were not the banal crud that would stoop to embarrass her, or more likely, themselves – and anyway she surely wouldn’t give them a second thought – either way.

But most of all, she said, it wasn’t just the sex part of it that turned her on, nor was it letting her one night stands yearn for more of her company or her body – it was that she was free.

And who can argue with that?