The Dancer feels like having Japanese food tonight and I’m like, yeah okay – want to invite little Esh , who’s a Jap-food-freak? Two minutes later I’m told that Esh’s mum is very keen too – which means that Mr. Z will, in all probability, also join. Cool! So let’s see how it goes.

In the meantime there was this cryptic message from RD to say he is around, but try as I might have, there was no answer to my calls to his phone. Too bad, in case he may have liked the evening.

And it went well. We got to the Z’s house for a couple of drinks before setting off for this rather traditional Japanese restaurant run by one of the spiffier hotels. It was a good thing we had made reservations, as the place was buzzing. The menu was pretty extensive, so having a little bit of knowledge of some of the dishes, we settled for some of the known and tried some of the hitherto unsavoured fare as well. A variety of starters for all, combined with a selection of the main dishes, with garlic rice (perfectly done, though I never knew the Japs were keen on Garlic Rice!) made for an impressive selection of delectables.

The food came in dribs and drabs, so hardly had we finished one selection when the next one appeared. At first it seemed that the little bits each of us had from what was served was woefully inadequate and we wondered if we had got it all wrong, but then we found that each selection had its unique flavour and the contrasts were far superior to having just one starter and one main course. And we also soon found out that we were, almost imperceptibly, getting quite full – not that sensation when one has gorged on sumptuous fare simply because it tasted so good, but in a more satisfying way, without that ‘stuffed’ feeling.

The wasabi ice cream and seaweed jelly with apple flavour we had for desert were also subtle and delectable. And The Dancer said her green tea was brillig.

Stopping off to drop the Zs back at their home, we had a couple of after-dinner drinks and Belgian chocolates, a couple of rollups, and then it was back home to watch Sri Lanka do quite well against the Windies – until sleep overcame the power of concentration.

All in all, an enjoyable, but relatively quiet Saturday night in the city – quite possibly since Java failed to show and RD must have been otherwise engaged.

Maybe tonight?