It was one of those days – you know, where everything goes just right. The morning started off being pristine, with the slightest of overnight showers making everything sparkle in the early morning light. Of course being up here in the hills is a definite plus, as everything is as it should be – determined by nature, for the most part – unlike in the city, where the early morning rush to work and schools gradually increases, along with the heat, dust and stress levels. WorldSpace’s classical music station Maestro had some brilliant Baroque selections on, that included Bach, Handel, Telemann and some of my other favourite composers, which added to the ambiance. The Mulberry tree just outside the study and opposite my desk (where I’m turning this out) was crowded with birds competing for the luscious berries – the Brown Headed Barbet, Red Vented Bulbul, Koel, White Browed Bulbul and a few other species among them. I’ve been trying to save the berries to make some of that delicious jam that was turned out last week, but I guess the birds need them too – and just watching them is a meditation worth its weight in whatever hits the spot.

After the usual ‘walking the dogs’ routine, a short workout and brekkers, I sit to answer mail and attend to some of the more mundane stuff I do whilst I’m here. WorldSpace is now tuned to the jazz station RIFF, and Miles is on, doing I loves you Porgy. The first thing I find in my ‘in-box’ is acceptance of a proposal I made with regard to helping old folk with disabilities and trying to help them gain more acceptance within their families – aimed mostly at the lower-income groups around the country. That was cool, so now I can assign the nitty-gritty to some capable individual in the organization and monitor how it goes as it progresses. Another mail had to do with some other stuff that was also great news, and there were no bummers to regret having received – for whatever reason.

Latish morning – and the sun is sweltering if you want to stand under it, but in the shade the temperature is 24C (I checked!). I had turned WorldSpace to The Hop, the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s rock station to find Blind Faith doing Can’t find my way back home – it was time for a cool brew and Java was already busy rolling some really high quality sinsemilla, so the pre-lunch scenario looked just fine. And it was!

And so it went – all so smoothly and just about perfect – a satisfying lunch, a short read in bed, dozing off for a bit and then back to the laptop for more of the mundane, work-related stuff. Some light sandwiches and a cuppa for tiffin, more time at the laptop and now the dogs are hassling me to take them out for their regular evening routine. They come up to my desk and bump my chair – everyday like clockwork – sharp at 5 pm, the time I play some cricket or badminton with the kids next door, and then walk them before coming in for the usual shower and evening stuff – among which is to watch No Country for Old Men. I think Javier Bardem is outstanding, having seen him earlier in Before Night Falls, Second Skin and Jamon Jamon.

Just a great day up here in the hills.