Emily Brontesaurus  stayed indoors – her hand firmly on the controls
She surfed the channels hoping for delights that would titillate her desire
But no dice – no sights to prey on – no hint of anything that might have been suggestive
No matter
She probed her way through the remote into the network of signs and symbols
And through to her favourite soap opera where she merged with the players
To be at last a part of their world of intrigue and deception and what they called love
So much so
That the satisfaction she sought that came at the price she hadn’t the means of paying
Lingered momentarily in her cloudy consciousness until it disintegrated slowly
Along with her dreams and other memories of unfulfilled fantasies that never ended
What’s that?
Yes the coven is now inoperative – with the crones an extinguished species
And Emily the sole survivor is left to somehow regenerate the mystic insanity
That spread like the wispy myst curling like smoke in and around the petrified forest
Now thawing
Another global warming indicator that could never melt that cold and lonely heart
The country music freaks went on and on about in their brokeback mountain eulogies
Drowning their innermost urges in the stale and salty sweat that dripped off their saddles
Sniffed later
By secretive supplicants with no means of getting their rocks off on the ranch
Or on the range under starlit skies or in their frozen early morning sleeping bags
For fear of reprisals and reprobation both from the commonplace and the divine
Emily stood
Poised once more at the brink but this was a different edge a strange and desolate lip
Thrust out into infinite space from where she could see the swirls of nebulae and clusters
Of stars in unchartered galaxies too numerous to fit into the black hole where her mind
Had been
Once long ago when Pink Floyd set the controls for the heart of the sun and Syd Barrett
Went into interstellar overdrive with Julia dreaming of Cirrus Minor to music
By Arnold Layne and none of it was suggestive or even faintly pornographic
Until now

 I always thought that Java was tripping out, but it looks like this is a recurring dream. What can I say?