I was just tripping out on information technology and the ‘storage’ aspect. I mean the storage of information – all of that stuff that is accessible on various levels – ad infinitum. Not being even a tad ‘into’ IT, I have no idea how, where and for how long ‘stuff’ is stored. Isn’t there a limit to what could be stored out there in cyberspace? Or could this go on for eternity – or for at least a few million years? Hypothetically speaking, of course!

It would seem pointless, for instance, to store useless or redundant information – stuff that could mislead and stuff that is plain inaccurate. If this is the case, who, or what would be the authority in charge of flushing it down the cyber-tube? Or would this be automated the moment some new information that contradicts and disproves the old is found?

No doubt that as this whole business develops at the almost exponential rate it is developing at, there will probably be different ways of ‘packaging’ information and different ‘storage’ devices, but the question remains: Will ALL the information from whenever the system began be ALWAYS available?

Or is there a limit to it?

The other interesting question would be, I guess, is where does the stuff that is ‘deleted’ go?