Those who know Java fairly well often wonder how we manage to sustain our relationship on such an even keel, without either of us trying to put the other one on a trip, or attempting to dominate the relationship. I discussed this earlier in a post about alternate realities and the part that consciousness plays in the individual’s identity process and ways of perceiving ‘reality’.

Just like Alice, who has access to Wonderland, whether it’s through the looking glass or down the rabbit hole, Java has this knack of getting to places that are decidedly apart from the reality that I know of. His forays into the Wonderland he visits with Alice (his friend, not the one from Lewis Caroll’s stories) and checks out the state of affairs with Big Brother and his Holding Company, The Queen of Hearts and the The King of Clubs, his astral trips, his friendship with Wanda the midget, all happen in some alternate reality – or so it seems to me. To Java, however, it’s all a part of the same thing – or so he says.

Anyway, as it turns out, our ‘separate’ realities seem to merge and then part at their own rhythm and I assume that it is during the overlapping bits that we actually come into contact with each other. How else to describe it?

For instance, just the other day when I was at Flowerbook getting into some work-related report I wanted to finish well before the deadline – that being the MO with work – instead of rushing things at the very last moment, there was absolutely no signs of Java. Then, the very next instant I hear the music get changed from something mellow by Tellemann to Otis Redding getting heavily into Sitting on the dock of the bay, and looking back I see Java, cool as ever, getting into fixing a smoke.

Heeey maaan, waas been happenin?

I’m not sure if the momentary irritation that was caused by distraction from the fairly important task at hand was apparent to him, but Java tends to shine these things on, so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. And I have, by now, learned to cope with these kinds of intrusions, so there’s one of two ways to go – either get into his trip, or turn him off by not paying attention, which, although gets to him, seems to work. So I decided to finish the report and get into his trip when done.

Heey lissenup maan – dere’s dis faar out exhibishun dat I checked out in Mexico City by da Dancer’s ol acquaintance. Remember dat Colbert dude dat came over to da dance school lookin for some dancer dat could pose for a sequence of fotografs wit dem elefants? Gregory be his name. Shuurre, you remember dis cat.

I wasn’t going to be disturbed, so although I could hear his rap, I made no effort to respond. I did remember the time Gregory Colbert visited the dance school, but I wasn’t there at the time and we never had the opportunity to meet. The Dancer, however, did and also helped him with the model for the shoot. Later on she had also run into him whilst she was in Paris for a performance and had dinner with him and friends. But now that I was closing in on the final bit of the report I wanted to get it done with, as no telling where the discourse with Java would end.

I’m guessing that Java must have figured out how things were – either that, or he was pissed at being ignored – because when I finished and looked back to engage, he was gone. The music was back to Baroque and a Tellemann concerto – no sign of Otis either!

This phenomena – alternate realities – is what I was pondering on at the beginning of this post and so, as asked at the end of the earlier post, ‘alternate realities’ : “… then does it follow that it is the mind that makes up the matter to perceive it in the manner we do, or is it the matter that fashions the mind as part of the matter?