Got this mail yesterday that described an action as disturbing as it was revealing. Disturbing because it exhibited the slow killing of an animal over a period of several days in the name of ‘installation art’ and revealing, because it exposes the twisted mentalities of those that encourage and admire this sort of perversity.

The text of the mail is as follows:

This is a very serious matter… In the 2007, the ‘artist’ Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, he tied him to a rope in an art gallery, starving him to death.

For several days, the ‘artist’ and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless the shameful ‘masterpiece’ based on the dog’s agony, until eventually it died.

Does it look like art to you?

But this is not all … the prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American (maybe a word is missing here – probably ‘Honduras’!) decided that the ‘installation’ was actually art, so that Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been invited to repeat his cruel action for the biennial of 2008.

Let’s STOP HIM!!!!!

Click on the following or just copy it in your browser to sign a petion to stop him to do it again, then digit the name Guillermo Vargas Habacuc to find the petition to sign.

Please do it .It’s free of charge and it will only take 1 minute to save the life of an innocent creature.

Both Java and I signed up and then we forwarded the mail to friends we know who care, so they could do it too and hopefully forward it in turn to folk they know who want to stop another wanton act of brutality. Apparently it is the Bienal Centroamerican Honduras 2008 that is featuring the so-called ‘artist’ and is encouraging this unbelievable display in the name of ‘art’.

Let’s all let them know what we think of them, shall we?