It’s great being back up here since yesterday (Wednesday)  – the weather’s been just perfect, after many days of intermittent showers in between heavy rains. The Zippy’s – Mr. Z, Cici and little Esh are bringing the Dancer with them for the long weekend, so we’re ready for an (relatively speaking) action weekend. The dogs don’t care all that much for visitors but tolerate them until they get used enough to them to be petted. The trouble is that usually just as they are all close and stuff, the visitors have to depart. Fortunately, Java and Mr. Z are thick as thieves, and Cici, Esh and The Dancer usually manage to have a great time together, whilst I’m in the happy position of enjoying them all.

That was two days ago, and a good time has been had by all so far. We just finished a long walk to Green Valley and got back all hot and sweaty. The iced brews and assorted other cool beverages have made their appearance, RIFF on WorldSpace has given way to The Hop where Shakin Stevens is doing Great Balls of Fire.

The morning of the day after they arrived the visitors went into town for ‘shopping’ and returned with all sorts of goodies got at bargain prices from a couple of the ‘Fashion Bug’ type stores in town – nice looking casual wear that is ideal for this type of holiday out in the boondocks.

The afternoons are spent chatting and relaxing with the appropriate cool beverages and assorted goodies that get Mr. Z and Java spacing out. Then after late lunches, long afternoon naps were how things panned out. The IPL Cricket Tournament was also pretty high on the agenda, so the early matches were watched munching sandwiches and swigging hot cups of tea. No one even wanted to walk much this time, probably because of the cricket – so as the evening drifted into night and menus were discussed, hot baths happened, cold drinks were sorted and the evening’s routine watching the cricket whilst indulging in a spot of getting high before dinner took place almost automatically.

Most nights we watched the cricket until one by one nodded off and usually it was The Dancer who was last into bed and who would have to tell the others what happened with the match.

As always, the short sojourn ended before we knew it, so after a pretty substantial brekkers this morning, the crowd said their goodbyes and piled into The Zippy’s trusty transporter heading back for the city. The dogs, having seen the bags come out to the verandah, were a bit on the confused side as usually they associate bags with my departure and get all sad-faced, but I do believe they are now hip to ‘my bags’ as opposed to ‘others’, as they stayed perky whilst the bags were loaded.

And now the place seems a bit ‘empty’, as it usually does when visitors leave, but there’s always that sense of tranquility that soon banishes all other thoughts, as Java, the dogs and I get back to the usual…