RD’s at it again – he’s on that tagging spree he gets on occasionally when he has little to blog about and then involves whoever he can try to embarrass by getting them to join the trip. And there are some of us who like to humour his butt and get into the spirit of his joy and there are others who fall into his clever trap and bare their souls for all to see. Fortunately for me, I don’t get fooled all that easily, but Java is a whole other entity and often gets suckered into RD’s little universe. So, in spite of my warning him about such silly shit, he tells me where to go and proceeds to expose himself. What can I say, except that it will serve him fucking right when RD proceeds to use all that personal information to do one his exposés and then the shit will hit that fan he loves so much. Oh well, what can one do about compulsive personalities…???

Hey maaan RD, don pay no tenshun to ol stick in da mud. He be digging yo trip deep down, but he be on dat ‘don play games’ trip of late, so jus shine his ass on. Here be ma list of dose ‘ten random thangs dat make ol Java happy’:

Getting ecstatic
Our kinda music
Our dogs
Spacin’ out

..an in no particular order, okay RD?  Now I guess we be makin’ yo day!!!

Later bro!