Posts have been infrequent of late mainly because Java and I haven’t really been getting our heads into that space which is conducive to putting up stuff that is appropriate for public consumption. There have been all sorts of exchanges between the two of us about this, but so far we haven’t been able to arrive at a completely mutual consensus. So, for now, those subjects will have to be shelved until we either agree to go for it or forget about those topics altogether.

The quandary, however, brings up something that maybe other bloggers also consider before actually putting thoughts out there in what is the public domain. And that is whether what is put out there will be appropriate for public consumption, considering the online personae assumed by the blogger in question. Some folk probably don’t give a rat’s ass about what they put out – and more power to them! Others are a bit more constrained with regard to not only their identities, but also with regard to how upfront they are with their experiences or points of view.

There is also the current political scene that must be considered, as freedom of expression is somewhat ‘under the gun’ in recent times, and we read and hear of all sorts of horror stories that have befallen reporters and others who speak out against what they perceive as injustice, corruption and bad governance. And since the last thing one wants is for the ‘white van’ to pull up and to hear the sound of ominous banging on the door, some of us will think twice before putting out exactly what is on our minds. Of course there are the die-hard ‘believers’ who berate many of us with their line that the ‘white vans’ are either figments of imagination, or are the stuff of ‘opposition’ propaganda, but try telling that to Keith Noyhair, or any of the others who have experienced the horror!

And so we shall have to wait until inspiration strikes or some other catalyst happens along to jog the creative juices that will enable appropriate stuff to be posted.

Until then, good times to all.