I think it must have been RD who mentioned that he was into checking out feet of folk and that their appearance would either turn him on or off. I couldn’t remember the post so have no way of confirming or linking this to it, but be that as it may, it flashed me on how important ‘feet’ are to me as well. Not just feet, but hands, and fingers in particular, are usually observed soon after the initial facial and body check is registered – none of it in an ‘intentional’ or ‘compulsive’ way, but more in a way of things just running their course in the same old conditioned response mode.

Anyway, back to feet. There’s something about the shape of feet and the way the toes are arranged that is either a turn-on or turn-off – for me. And I remember this aspect of my makeup from as early as I remember. Weird? I have even observed that shapes of feet do not conform to racial types, as I have seen some Black folk with the same ‘type’ of feet that I have seen on some White folk, some Asians and some Latinos and vice-versa. So does it have to do with bone structure that is not a genetic trait? Or is there some other, more mysterious reasons for this phenomenon?

It’s the same with hands and fingers, as far as I am aware and based on my observations. There are all kinds of meanings assigned to how the fingers and toes are arranged with regard to their lengths. Some say that the length of the index finger or corresponding toe will determine if one is ‘dominant’ or even ‘gay’. A study conducted by the Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, on ‘Sexual orientation and the 2nd to 4th finger length ratio: evidence for organising effects of sex hormones or developmental instability?’ in order to determine if the length of a particular finger would confirm or not the heterosexual or homosexual aspect. For them ‘sciency’ types among us, check here for more on it.

Fortunately for me, I like my feet – the way they are shaped and the rest of it – if not, I dread to think of how I would have gone through life – with feet that turned me off! Ever been turned on by someone – and I mean really turned on – only to find out when it was nearly too late in the day that he or she had feet that really turned you off? That is if the feet thing means anything at all to you. No?

Lucky you! And me too!!