Since we’re on the trip about parts of the anatomy – the last post being about ‘feet’ in particular, but which also included the fingers, toes and that sort of stuff – Java has another observation that is interesting, if not spot on. This part of one’s body is difficult to check out unless (as RD would probably say) you have eyes in the back of your head. But it is entirely possible to check the theory out on any others that you are reasonably familiar with. That’s right! You must be ‘familiar’ with the one(s) you want to check out, unless of course you observe folk who don’t happen to be wearing a shirt, blouse or other garment covering their chest and back. A look at what’s happening below the waist will also be useful in adding to the data in the hope of either confirming the theory or dissing it.

Java combines his observation with the Ying – Yang aspect that many of us are familiar with and also brings to bear on the Male – Female balance that most (if not all) of us have going for ourselves. Like maybe you have seen pictures of Shiva (The Destroyer) of the Hindu pantheon with half male and half female anatomy? Well, from all accounts we have both aspects in our makeup and sometimes one aspect could well dominate the other, as I’m sure a lot of you will either have heard of have realized by this stage of your life. If not, there’s loads of stuff on it that can be googled and checked out with little effort.

Anyway, Java is on about the upper back – although the buttocks will also reflect the same observation, it’s just that getting to look at a variety of buttocks would prove to be somewhat of a problem to some of us. So, if you get someone you know to bend over – just to check out the shape and form of his or her back, and for no other reason (although sometimes one thing could very well lead to another!) than to see if one side is more developed that the other. Java swears that in all the backs he has checked out, this phenomenon prevails – and what’s more, he says it is the same with the butts. He has his own theory – much like the one about the  length of the index finger and gayness – that one of the side’s (he didn’t say which) development being more than the other’s will indicate whether the ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ dominates in the particular individual.

Java’s been on this trip for more than a few years – jus bein observant maan, he hastens to assure me, in case folk take him to being some prurient expedition – and brought it to my attention ages ago. And so I too did a bit of checking over the years and sure enough there it was – in all the backs (and some buttocks too, I might add) that I observed. Java’s observation on the degree of masculine versus feminine qualities was also looked for and sure enough, there did happen to be something to it.

There’s also another interesting aspect with regard to the development of the particular side, if you happen to be fortunate enough to check out both the upper back and the buttocks of the same individual. But we’ll just let that hang for now and see if any of you who check this out will be able to come up with anything substantive.

So there we are – keen observers of anatomy, among a myriad other things – hoping that these flashes of insight from the observed will shed some light in, and on, otherwise dim areas. Let’s see what you guys think about all this and if your observations are similar to Java’s – and to mine, of course.