She wanted to score so badly, but the thing about it was it had to be on her own terms – and this was the problem for her. The guys that she had run into since getting back and who had shown interest in her seemed, for the most part, only interested in getting some nookie – or did she imagine this? And to make matters worse, all of them, save one or two, were positively Neandertholic in their heads – which wouldn’t do at all. She needed more than just sex to make for any kind of meaningful relationship and boost her sense of worth. Come to think of it, she had met more chicks that were far more attractive, made intelligent and intelligible conversation, and who were cool to be around. And so, she wondered, did it make any sense at all to keep on looking for that elusive male who would find it mutually attractive to get something going?

She had never been in a relationship with another female – not counting those early days when school-girl crushes went only so far and no further, and wondered how she would cope, now that she was so much older and ‘worldly-wise’. She had gay friends and wasn’t in the least bit homophobic, so it wouldn’t be that much of a big deal for her to take the plunge – or so she thought.

Never having been to the ‘Blues’ before, she was quite taken by the vibe when she and her two friends – a couple who had been seeing each other for the past year, but had not yet felt ready to make their relationship ‘legal’ – walked into the place. They headed for the near end of the bar by the pool tables. It was Friday and not quite midnight yet so the place was only sparsely peopled and there was even a pool table going a-begging, so they ordered their drinks, moved a couple of seats around a table between the bar and the pool tables and then she looked around to survey the scene – not wanting to catch any of the eyes that were cast in their direction as they walked into the place. Her friends made for the free pool table and started to shoot a game of eight-ball. She settled back and sipped her Margarita, getting into the DJ’s selection of the moment.

She let her gaze run down the length of the bar – nothing really startling there – except for the couple at the far end, close to the dance floor. The girl seemed to be a bit down and the guy, who she thought was definitely on the cute side, looked like he was being solicitous. The DJ had Santana and Rob Thomas doing Smooth and there were two guys dancing. There were a few folk scattered among the tables and someone who could have been one of the resident bouncers was mooching around like he was keeping an eye on the happenings. As she looked back at the couple, she saw the guy was looking right at her and as their eyes met she felt a distinct spark of something she couldn’t quite figure out at the time. And then he was back to being solicitous – the girl was still in depressed mode it seemed to her.

The pool tables were active and her two friends were totally absorbed. As she walked over to their table, one of the players at the next one said hi and smiled. He looked pretty cool, so she smiled back. She tried shooting a couple of balls with her friends, but decided to get back to her seat and finish her Margarita. As she sat back down, she looked towards the couple and once more caught the guy looking at her. This time, he gave her a faint smile but she didn’t acknowledge it, pretending that she was looking past him to the two guys, still dancing – now to some heavy house music. She took another sip of her drink and wondered if the guy was making a play for her and if so, how she should react. She felt a tinge of excitement at the prospects of a chance meeting developing into something more substantial – and God knows she needed some action, as things had certainly not looked all that bright in the area of sensual gratification since she had got back. She looked back up and sure enough, the guy was looking at her again – in between saying things to his date. This time, as their eyes met, she returned his smile and felt the slightest bit of an adrenaline rush. Tricky situation, she thought to herself.

The place was slowly getting crowded as other couples and groups started trickling in, getting tables, crowding the bar. The band was setting up for a session and place was starting to buzz. She ordered another Margarita in between exchanging a few more looks and smiles with the guy. The floor was now occupied with more dancers and as her friends joined her after their game, they all headed for the floor and started dancing. She was careful to position herself so she could see the guy, who had now shifted position, so he could watch the dancers – or was it to watch her? They smiled at each other again and then she saw him virtually force his date to get on the floor. It was crowded and the dancers were bumper to bumper, as it were. It didn’t take too long for the guy to maneuver himself and his partner to where she was and since everyone there seemed to be in very high spirits, smiles were exchanged at random whilst she felt him making physical contact. The occasional rub to begin with and then closer and more frequent contact as the crowd of dancers exceeded the space on the floor. She felt great.

At the end of a number, her friends decided to get back to where they were and get more drinks, so she flashed a parting look and went back to her drink. The couple got back to their spot at the bar not too long after, and by now the looks were long and meaningful – or so she thought. After a bit, she excused herself and headed for the Ladies’. There were a couple of girls smoking in a corner, and an older lady who had seen better days was washing her hands. One of the stalls was occupied. She went into the other and heard what sounded like someone clearing nostrils and then a sharp intake of breath, followed by uncontrollable giggles from the stall next to hers. More sniffling and blowing of noses followed. She finished and washed up, and as she got out of the Ladies’, there he was, lighting up a cigarette in the passage that led back to the main area of the club. She felt a flush as he said hello. He seemed in a hurry and after introducing himself and getting her name, he explained that he was trying to help a friend out but would love to meet her another time. She was trying to be cool and un-flustered, but her heart was pounding as she wondered how to react.

There were others going in and out of the Ladies’ as they stood there – it all seemed to her to be like in a dream. She heard the back-beat from the music, the smoke and dimly lit passage making everything appear surreal. The passers-by moved in slo-mo. Her head was a blank and all she could see was his anxious face as he waited for her answer to his question. Was she dreaming? It all seemed so unreal. She asked for his phone and inserted her number, giving it back to him without a word. He held her hand for an instant and walked away with a parting glance that had a certain spark.

The disco lights were a flashing colourful blur and the music pounded her head as she walked back to her friends. It wasn’t a dream. She could hardly wait.