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I’m guessing that some of us bloggers are sometimes struck with the thoughts that lead to contemplating if continuing to blog is worth the time and effort that goes into it. Java has been coming up with these questions recently, which has in turn been infecting the thought process, and in trying to analyze the pros and cons, a few seemingly related thoughts emerged.

It seemed to us that the need to express thoughts, views, experiences, the desire to entertain, to inform and to communicate, appear to be some of the underlying reasons for blogging. And the stuff that comes in the way of being a consistent blogger would be, I guess, indolence, lack of something interesting to blog about, lack of time due to other more pressing demands or maybe boredom with the whole exercise.

Bloggers who ‘report’ incidents or information don’t have it quite so difficult as, for instance, bloggers who need to be creative to fulfill their inner urges, or those who analyze events or circumstances to put forward a contrary point of view that makes sense. And then there are those bloggers who post any old crap just to be seen – not too difficult to maintain consistency, but hardly with any quality. It seems that the most common types of bloggers are those who write of their experiences and the few that Java and I get into are those who are able to inject humour, good sense and have the ability to get the reader involved – often getting them to flash on similar experiences they have had or known about. Of course the quality of writing is also important to the discerning reader, so the blogger who cares about this aspect must maintain a certain self-imposed standard.

Both Java and I have been somewhat disappointed when a few bloggers we used to read as a matter of course stopped blogging, and wondered just what made them stop the stream of thought and content they put out there that we found to be interesting and entertaining. The one or two that we were familiar with and could ask, responded that the available time did not permit it. One indicated that it became too much of a chore to think up stuff and that the energy spent wasn’t worth the effort.

What really brought about this pondering was that we realized that from the time we started the monthly count of posts has been steadily in decline, and now, some three-hundred plus posts later, we find that the urge has substantially decreased. So we’re wondering if this is a common trend amongst bloggers who have been at it for more than a couple of years, or if it is just one of those things?

How about you?

How about this?!

Got this in the mail – an official statement on what is presumably the letterhead of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Obviously resulting from the Jamaicans’ clean sweep of the sprint events at the Olympic Games, we shall leave the reader to gauge the document’s authenticity.


In a joint statement issued by the presidents of the World Anti-Doping Agency, International Olympic Committee (IOC), and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the following foods have been placed on the list of banned substances issued by WADA: yam, green bananas, cocoa, dasheen, breadfruit, ackee and saltfish, mackeral run down, turned cornmeal, Jerked pork and chicken, escovietched fish Malta, Supligen, Milo (said to be the food drink of Champions), Horlicks and coconut oil. Jamaicans seem to become extremely athletic on diets with these foods. Coming out of WADA labs, one of the major banned substances from Jamaica is the Cassava root, a high fibre, high starch tuber root eaten in Jamaica. It has properties which are said to enhance endurance and cause muscle fibres to twitch faster. This comes after extensive study of the diets of the Jamaican athletes which took part in the Beijing 2008 Olympic games. Though natural foods it is felt by WADA that these foods because of their unique properties give Jamaican athletes an unfair advantage. High concentrations of carbohydrates and other naturally occurring substances are said to be mimicking the effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Some foods have been noted to in particular cause an unusual increase in the male hormone testosterone. As such WADA has seen it fit to add these foods to the list of banned substances. Given the sensitivity of this issue, Jamaican athletes participating in the current Olympic games underway in Beijing have not been banned but must submit to these new restrictions within the next two years. Two substances which have been discovered in testing of the Jamaican foods are “yamstenine”, a yam derivative and “cocosterone”, a derivative of the coco plant. These substances have been found to mimic nandrolone and the blood booster EPO, hence the preliminary banning of the substances themselves and the banning of the foods they derive from.

This ruling will also affect other Caribbean and some African countries which share similar diets as Jamaicans.

So what do you think???

Just east of Eden lay the land of uncertainty and just west of it, the epitome of depravity where decadence had ascended to its zenith, to its north lay the killing fields and to the south were the yakkos with their heads firmly up each others asses. And Eden was this not-quite-so mythical spot blissfully unaffected by the churning activities that swirled around its periphery, which is what attracted the Angel to the planet in the first place.

The thing about Eden was that nature reigned supreme – and along with it the natural flow of events that had all to do with natural systems and nothing at all to do with the banality that had to be genetically programmed into the beings that inhabited the lands around it. And this was where the rabid political animals were still running amok with their gangs of mindless thugs, disrupting civil society whilst the guardians of the law feigned the ignorance born of fear, and in doing so, selecting for their progeny genes that would, in time, evolve to produce a species of human invertebrates.

The Master and his dogs of war were busy with their strategies and their calculated commissions, blinded by their lust for lucre and deaf to the imploring masses cringing in their hovels after being displaced from their meager habitats – ostensibly for cosmetic reasons, although the man with the plan had more on his mind about what to do with the real estate that would contribute extensively to the family’s personal coffers.

Into the midst of this morass entered the Angel – at least that’s how he identified himself to those who inquired. He was a rather ordinary looking chap with the singular oddity of having retractable wings – usually concealed by the flowing robe he wore at all times. The very few who knew that he took up residence in the belfry of the Chapel of the Transfiguration, didn’t speak of it, even though they were not sworn to secrecy or anything like that – it was just that they didn’t feel like doing so, and didn’t really know why. No one of those who knew him had seen him use his wings to fly, and yet they never thought of asking him questions about it whenever they met – rather like they would react to someone with a freakish impediment. It was only when he zoomed off the belfry one moonlit night and was spotted by the Chaplain, who realized instantly that he was witnessing a visitation from the Almighty, that the shit hit the fan.

The Chaplain watched in consternation as the Angel flew around the grounds, silhouetted against the dark sky by the light of the moon, and fell to his knees, grabbing at the crucifix that hung around his neck and praising the Almighty for allowing him the distinction of witnessing a miracle. He just knew his prayers were being answered – his prayers that the sinners, who were swarming around the city, making mayhem whilst being protected by their patron so that they were beyond the legal system, would be brought to justice and that peace would prevail. He continued watching until the Angel disappeared into the distant night sky and then ran to the vicarage, where he fell to his knees once more in thanks to the Almighty for providing him with the sign that he had prayed for – the sign that his prayers would be answered.

The next Sunday, the Chaplain’s sermon was on the power of prayer and he informed the congregation that the Almighty had provided him with a sign in answer to his prayers that the murder, mayhem and other assorted acts of thuggery that were being inflicted on the people by the goons supporting the Master and his ministerial minions. He stressed the power of faith and how it could literally move mountains. There were no opportunities for questions, so his monologue was undisturbed and the ‘faithful’ lapped it up, as they all joined in the concluding prayers for the Almighty to speed up the cleansing process.

In the meantime, the Angel, who had returned to his roost in the belfry and had heard the Sunday service goings on, decided that this wasn’t the planet for him – too much thuggery and too many folk who believed any old crap that didn’t make any sense to him at all.

And so he just upped and flew away.

The recent post on the ban on accessing pornography unearthed another aspect of ‘viewing’ pornography through one of the ‘possibly related posts’ that WordPress started featuring on the blogs that appear on its respective sites. This time the one that grabbed my attention was Sex Drive: Talk Dirty, Descriptively in Porn for the Blind and brought into focus one aspect that neither Java nor I had even stopped to consider in the past.

We’re not going to be politically correct and do the ‘visually impaired’ number here, as for us ‘blind’ pretty much cuts across the bullshit and is the most appropriate word to describe a person who can not see. Anyway, although we knew that blind folk are also subject to sexual urges and fantasies, we never really stopped to consider the dilemma they would be in if they wanted to ‘see’ pornographic material.

As the site describes it, Porn for the Blind “ a nonprofit organization based in Cambridge, Mass., was established for the sole purpose of making the millions of free porn clips available online accessible to people with visual impairments”. There are more interesting observations on Sex Drive regarding the methods and procedures involved in creating opportunities for blind folk who are into ‘porn’ to get their rocks off.

And why not?

I posted something on fear and loathing over a year ago, about the film based on a book by the infamous Hunter S. Thompson, the original Gonzo Journalist. Johnny Depp played the Hunter Thompson character, whilst Benecio Del Toro played Doctor Gonzo, Thompson’s lawyer.

Then just yesterday, following a search engine referral, I chanced on this site, which sheds more light on the background to the film in the form of three clips shot of Johnny Depp reading correspondence between Thompson and himself during the production of the film. For those of you who are aware of the film, or of Thompson, or admire the acting ability of Johnny Depp, the clips will be most interesting, if not enlightening with regard to the characters of these two guys.

Check it out if you will.

Defined as “films, magazines, writings, photographs or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal”, ‘Pornography’ is certainly an integral part of the global information network. The more repressive societies have banned this flow of information for various ‘reasons’ – chief among them being the exposure of children to explicit sexual information. And now word is out that Sri Lanka is joining the coterie of countries that is slapping a ban on sites that the government deems ‘Pornographic’.

According to Wikipedia some areas of legal concern regarding adult pornography are:

Prohibiting certain or all types of pornography that are illegal within a government’s jurisdiction. For countries that do not prohibit all pornography, this might include pornography featuring violence or bestiality, for example.

Preventing those under the legal age (for most this means a minor under 18 or 21) from accessing pornographic content.

Enforcing laws designed to ensure that performers in pornography are of legal age.

This site indicates that:

12% of all websites are pornographic
25% of all search engine requests are pornographic
35% of all internet downloads are pornographic in nature
Every second, 28×258 internet users are viewing pornography
Every second, $89.00 is spent on internet porn
Every day, 266 new porn sites appear on the internet
Sex is the most search word on the internet
US revenue from internet porn in 2006 – $2.84 Billion
72% of internet porn users are men, 28% are women
70% of internet porn traffic occurs during the 9-5 workdays
There are an estimated 372 million porn web pages; 3% produced by the UK, 4% produced by Germany; 89% produced by the US
Most trafficked adult website: www . adultfriendfinder . com

Countries that ban pornographic sites:
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, India, Cuba, China,

Most visited websites (daily): #1 – MSN (220 Mil), #4 – YouTube (196Mil) , #49 – AdultFriendFinder (7.2 Mil), #145 NY Times (4.1Mil)

So it does appear that either reading about, or viewing ‘porn’ is a major pastime that is common to a large proportion of the global population. And who among us can honestly say that we have never accessed a ‘porn’ site or read or viewed stuff that is considered ‘pornographic’? Some of us do so out of curiosity, others out of a need for some form of titillation and yet others out of a compulsive urge to satisfy whatever it is that created the desire within the psyche.

Java gets pretty bored with what he has accessed so far and as a result has pretty much abandoned searches for porn sites, although recently – quite by accident, circumstances led him to watch a Sri Lankan produced porn DVD, which was riveting, to say the least. This Sinhala looking dude and his ‘co-star’ must have had a camera focused on them and running, as it seemed like they had to stay within the frame. But what they managed to accomplish ‘within the frame’ was extremely impressive, in that the stud performed an incredible variety of ‘moves’, one of which neither Java nor I had ever even thought of, let alone seen before. It was kind of an ‘educational’ DVD – in that respect!

But getting back to the crux of this post – ‘Pornography’ and whether it should be banned: It seems to both Java and yours truly that, in general, the flow of information must be unimpeded. That is a basic right in any democracy – period. The problem with ‘porn’ is that the extremes that are achieved with sites that feature children, violent sexual activities, and other forms of sexual content that display brutality, bloodshed and carnage, could possibly influence individuals to behave in ways that would be detrimental to themselves and to society in general. And in our view, this is the problem that needs to be carefully considered and dealt with in a manner that solves it adequately, so as to not infringe on the ‘rights’ of individuals who, although view ‘porn’ sites, are not a danger to themselves or to society.

How about that?!! Tricky, to say the least – any ideas on how to go???

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