Just east of Eden lay the land of uncertainty and just west of it, the epitome of depravity where decadence had ascended to its zenith, to its north lay the killing fields and to the south were the yakkos with their heads firmly up each others asses. And Eden was this not-quite-so mythical spot blissfully unaffected by the churning activities that swirled around its periphery, which is what attracted the Angel to the planet in the first place.

The thing about Eden was that nature reigned supreme – and along with it the natural flow of events that had all to do with natural systems and nothing at all to do with the banality that had to be genetically programmed into the beings that inhabited the lands around it. And this was where the rabid political animals were still running amok with their gangs of mindless thugs, disrupting civil society whilst the guardians of the law feigned the ignorance born of fear, and in doing so, selecting for their progeny genes that would, in time, evolve to produce a species of human invertebrates.

The Master and his dogs of war were busy with their strategies and their calculated commissions, blinded by their lust for lucre and deaf to the imploring masses cringing in their hovels after being displaced from their meager habitats – ostensibly for cosmetic reasons, although the man with the plan had more on his mind about what to do with the real estate that would contribute extensively to the family’s personal coffers.

Into the midst of this morass entered the Angel – at least that’s how he identified himself to those who inquired. He was a rather ordinary looking chap with the singular oddity of having retractable wings – usually concealed by the flowing robe he wore at all times. The very few who knew that he took up residence in the belfry of the Chapel of the Transfiguration, didn’t speak of it, even though they were not sworn to secrecy or anything like that – it was just that they didn’t feel like doing so, and didn’t really know why. No one of those who knew him had seen him use his wings to fly, and yet they never thought of asking him questions about it whenever they met – rather like they would react to someone with a freakish impediment. It was only when he zoomed off the belfry one moonlit night and was spotted by the Chaplain, who realized instantly that he was witnessing a visitation from the Almighty, that the shit hit the fan.

The Chaplain watched in consternation as the Angel flew around the grounds, silhouetted against the dark sky by the light of the moon, and fell to his knees, grabbing at the crucifix that hung around his neck and praising the Almighty for allowing him the distinction of witnessing a miracle. He just knew his prayers were being answered – his prayers that the sinners, who were swarming around the city, making mayhem whilst being protected by their patron so that they were beyond the legal system, would be brought to justice and that peace would prevail. He continued watching until the Angel disappeared into the distant night sky and then ran to the vicarage, where he fell to his knees once more in thanks to the Almighty for providing him with the sign that he had prayed for – the sign that his prayers would be answered.

The next Sunday, the Chaplain’s sermon was on the power of prayer and he informed the congregation that the Almighty had provided him with a sign in answer to his prayers that the murder, mayhem and other assorted acts of thuggery that were being inflicted on the people by the goons supporting the Master and his ministerial minions. He stressed the power of faith and how it could literally move mountains. There were no opportunities for questions, so his monologue was undisturbed and the ‘faithful’ lapped it up, as they all joined in the concluding prayers for the Almighty to speed up the cleansing process.

In the meantime, the Angel, who had returned to his roost in the belfry and had heard the Sunday service goings on, decided that this wasn’t the planet for him – too much thuggery and too many folk who believed any old crap that didn’t make any sense to him at all.

And so he just upped and flew away.