I’m guessing that some of us bloggers are sometimes struck with the thoughts that lead to contemplating if continuing to blog is worth the time and effort that goes into it. Java has been coming up with these questions recently, which has in turn been infecting the thought process, and in trying to analyze the pros and cons, a few seemingly related thoughts emerged.

It seemed to us that the need to express thoughts, views, experiences, the desire to entertain, to inform and to communicate, appear to be some of the underlying reasons for blogging. And the stuff that comes in the way of being a consistent blogger would be, I guess, indolence, lack of something interesting to blog about, lack of time due to other more pressing demands or maybe boredom with the whole exercise.

Bloggers who ‘report’ incidents or information don’t have it quite so difficult as, for instance, bloggers who need to be creative to fulfill their inner urges, or those who analyze events or circumstances to put forward a contrary point of view that makes sense. And then there are those bloggers who post any old crap just to be seen – not too difficult to maintain consistency, but hardly with any quality. It seems that the most common types of bloggers are those who write of their experiences and the few that Java and I get into are those who are able to inject humour, good sense and have the ability to get the reader involved – often getting them to flash on similar experiences they have had or known about. Of course the quality of writing is also important to the discerning reader, so the blogger who cares about this aspect must maintain a certain self-imposed standard.

Both Java and I have been somewhat disappointed when a few bloggers we used to read as a matter of course stopped blogging, and wondered just what made them stop the stream of thought and content they put out there that we found to be interesting and entertaining. The one or two that we were familiar with and could ask, responded that the available time did not permit it. One indicated that it became too much of a chore to think up stuff and that the energy spent wasn’t worth the effort.

What really brought about this pondering was that we realized that from the time we started the monthly count of posts has been steadily in decline, and now, some three-hundred plus posts later, we find that the urge has substantially decreased. So we’re wondering if this is a common trend amongst bloggers who have been at it for more than a couple of years, or if it is just one of those things?

How about you?