What started off as an anecdote on RD’s escapades whilst on vacation here a few weeks ago has generated a fair bit of interest in identities, and although I must admit the timing and coincidental aspects of it all are a bit weird – to say the least – the facts were only very slightly altered. And this, solely to protect our protagonist – the ever doughty RD.

Come to think of it, Frenchy’s vivid descriptions of ‘her’ sexual escapades were not dissimilar to those of Soixante Neuf’s – so beautifully laid out that one could quite easily ‘see’ the events as they unfolded. Anyway, we have it from Soix herself that she isn’t a cross-dressing man and she isn’t French, so that should put the matter to rest – depending of course on one’s level of skepticism. Actually, as we commented in response, Frenchy could easily have been a Burgher or ‘Eurasian’ pretending, or acting out his role with a twist to it. Whatever it was, and whoever he is, ‘she’ sure had us agog with the sheer class of ‘her’ performance. The only one who was a bit suss from the very start was Java.

Sheet maaan, dat chick be too good to be true – she be describin makin love like some dude be fantasizin bout it – and did you see her tits? No?

Come to think of it, Frenchy was wearing this outfit that had a frilly top, all puffed out so that the shape of ‘her’ breasts was not really visible. The rest of ‘her’ bod looked fine, so no one present had even the slightest inclination of anything amiss. Trust Java – ever the skeptic – to come up with something that caused a niggling doubt! Of course he didn’t divulge his doubts until very much later, so he didn’t screw up the illusion at the time.

So here we are – RD has taken it well – shattered dreams notwithstanding, and with all the excitement in a flaccid state, he is having second thoughts about that whole ‘counselor for sex addicts thing he was on about. And Java, not content with having messed up RD’s dream state has been attempting to cheer him up.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about what exactly his mode of ‘cheering up’ RD is, so maybe when it runs its course we can reminisce.