Apologies to all who tried to access yesterday’s post entitled ‘One thing leads to another’, but we had to withdraw it, as what started out to be a bit of a shocker – news-and-otherwise – was probably a rumour. So, discretion being the better part of valour, we quickly knocked it off cyber-space before the inevitable shit hit the fan.

Suffice it to say, the rumour sparked a post that had to do with karma and since we can’t post the piece in its entirety, we though that at least the parts that didn’t refer to specifics may be interesting to some. And although this is a bit of wishful thinking, that compulsive urge to post what has been churned out, prevailed over all the other reasons to desist. So here goes:

Overdosing is one way of calling it quits and hitting the high spot that paves the way to another reality – or at least a blinding flash (or so we are told) before the lights go out.


Java, who usually has his own take on random incidents of these sorts, immediately correlated it to the cosmic law of cause and effect – known by some as ‘karma’.

Karma is a term that was coined in ancient India to describe ‘action and reaction’ or ‘cause and effect’, and is said to have originated from the Hindu philosophy. The Buddha used the term to describe the endless cycle of Samsara, until an entity is enlightened enough to break the chains of existence by ending the actions that cause the cycle of birth. So in more simplistic terms – you do something bad, and something bad will happen to you, and vice-versa. In more modern or ‘scientific’ terms, it is pretty much the ‘cause and effect’ syndrome that pervades the physical universe.


The causes for this will be myriad and to track them will be impossible, as the law of cause and effect leaves an endless trail that is impossible to follow to its origins. Suffice it to say that the ‘conditioning’ of the guy who carked it was all part of the process..


There are many stories of ‘miraculous’ changes in personalities after what are termed ‘mystical’ experiences or some severe shock to the system. So it will be interesting to watch the developments that this ‘effect’ will ‘cause’. Who knows (?), maybe the unalterable chain of reactions could lead to some very strange places that could even make this country change from the current disastrous path we’re on.

For, as the ‘believers’ put it “God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform’ – and although Java is not into ‘God’ in that sense, he certainly gives karma high credence, and is eagerly awaiting the ‘reactions’.

So there it is – and in case anyone else heard the rumour, you will surely twig what we were on about. And for those who ‘wasted’ their time – apologies!