Many changes are going on at all levels – from the global aspect, to the local, to the personal – and we’re guessing that in spite of this constant flux, little has really changed. This post actually started off being about the monsoonal winds changing and observing the first of the migrant birds landing at Flowerbook. This year was a repeat performance of the last, as the first observed migrant was the Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) on September 13th. And what was most interesting was that when we checked last year’s sighting, the first ‘Grey’ appeared on the 12th – pretty cool (if you’re into birds and stuff like that)! The next sighting of a migrant was on September 28th – the Forest Wagtail (Dendronanthus indicus).

So what all this indicates is that the winds have been in the process of changing, and that what was coming at us from the South-West is now happening from the North-East, bringing rain. This may not be all that interesting to most folk, but for those of us ‘into’ nature, agriculture and related subjects, this change is crucial to our interests, and observations help no end with all sorts of plans of action.

Change is the one constant in the universe – more consistent than the speed of light, according to Java’s metaphysical calculations, and yet, in spite of all the changes that are going on around us – here in Sri Lanka, for instance – it looks like we’re still stuck in the same old shit – up to our eyeballs!