America will be crazy to vote for President a near senile senior-citizen with a running mate who is, at best, a not unattractive, self-confessed small-town hockey-mamma, ‘Pitbull with Lipstick’, Governor of Alaska – and with not much else going for her, except for the banal half-truths, innuendo and outright lies with which she tries to put down her opponents in the race for the Big Prize. Ever since her first televised debate with Joe Biden, where she displayed some amount of poise and fluency – if nothing else of substance – the Republican think-tank supposed it was okay to let her out of the box she had been confined to ever since she displayed to the world that she was clearly out of her depth in the few interviews she gave over television. Kinda like a ‘drone’ – as in an aircraft whose flight is controlled from the ground.

And if you got the chance to watch the second Obama and McCain debate, you would have noticed that the old man had to resort to the puerile – as when he referred to Obama as “that one”! Not exactly what the world tuned in to watch – expecting more substance and less childish insults. Who are these guys trying to fool? I guess most of the Red-Neck belt will vote Republican as they usually do, but even they must have to strain their credulity to take the old man and the bimbo even half-assed seriously.

And now with not much longer to go for the election, it will be interesting to see how the race progresses and just how the ‘Palin-drone’ will fly.

Note: There’s an incisive essay by Michael Kinsley in Time’s issue of September 22, 2008, on Sarah Palin’s Alaskanomics, which you could see here, that will give anyone interested a pretty good idea of Sarah Palin and her governance.