Jarvis wasn’t at the end of his tether, although he didn’t know it quite yet. The bitches on the street held no attraction for him anymore and the one who had his gonads throbbing had so much attention from the motley bunch of suitors, that, in spite of his inner urgings, he willed himself to stay away . Confrontations that usually led to violence were not his trip, although he couldn’t really help himself when ever the scent of a fight was in the air – genetic no doubt, but he was trying to get above all that. And so, he decided to stay indoors and keep Sam and Jennie company as they watched television. It was a stormy night outside, so it was a practical move as well.

Jarvis had known Sam and Jennie all his life – ever since his single mother died. His two brothers and sister had been adopted by other folk and he had never seen them since, and knew of them only through Sam’s explanations. But he was content. Sam was a great father figure and took good care of him, so they had lots of quality time together. Sam understood his psychological makeup and although he could be a stern disciplinarian, he was also pretty liberal, so the balance was cool. Jennie, on the other hand, let Jarvis do as he pretty much pleased. Ever since he was a wee tyke, she gave him all the love and affection a mother possibly could and spoiled him rotten. And over the years nothing had changed – even when he went AWOL on occasion, chasing after some sexual stimulation. He knew that she frowned on some of his choices and often worried that he would pick up some dreaded disease, but she was always forgiving and welcomed him with relief and joy that he was back home.

And now, as he sat between them on the couch watching television – even though those pheromones were hard to resist – he knew deep down that a dog couldn’t have had it better.