It wasn’t Obama’s victory that set Java off on a trip about how America has the capacity to rise beyond setbacks, rather, it was more to do with Colin Powell’s endorsement that, if one read between the lines, was an apology to the American people for the part he played in the Bush administration – particularly regarding its disastrous war in Iraq. Or so Java said.

But that was yesterday.

Sarah Palin-drone had given it her best shot. She knew that she had started something of a revival of a floundering campaign when she did her “pit-bull with lipstick” impersonation at her VP nomination acceptance speech and had all those red-neck mammas and pappas clamoring for more. But she did regret her indiscretion and perhaps, she thought, her overconfidence in her abilities of going one-one-one with the press, in spite of the think-tank’s warnings that she would blow it. And she had to admit, she did – blow it, that is. The words just didn’t come out right when she tried to answer some of the questions that smart ass Couric put to her on foreign policy – or was it the state of the economy? She couldn’t even remember it now – it was such a stupid question anyway. So when she saw her answer in print, she could have sworn that someone, somewhere, had altered her sentences – they made no sense whatsoever – even to her. The hell with it – Todd understood, even though Johnny Mac (she had pet names for everybody) wasn’t too pleased and told her not to shoot her mouth off if she wasn’t sure of what she was saying.

And after that, Johnny Mac’s Mafiosi kept her locked in her box with a special panel of experts feeding her information on a variety of topics, whilst another couple of nerds coached her on how to answer questions without saying anything of substance – vagueness and obfuscation being the name of their game. The vacuity that existed in her head helped no end and all she should remember was to keep the ‘pit-bull’ attack mode in gear and repeat the mantra of ‘redistribution of wealth’ and ‘the dangers of Socialism’. The red-necked fans of hers would do the rest. She didn’t want to join Joe the Plumber on the trail too much, as she didn’t want Todd throwing any more of his tantrums – although she loved it when he displayed his jealousy.

Now that it was all over and ‘The Socialist’ had beaten them, she had a variety of options going for her. She would get back to governing Alaska with renewed vigour and play her cards close to her chest – all thirty-eight inches of it. There had been speculation that she would try to lead the Republicans and even prepare for 2012, which would be a gas. But she would have to plan her course of action, starting now.

And so she got back home to Alaska, got her brood ready to go, packed in the camping gear and hunting paraphernalia, ice-box, booze and other goodies and set off to shoot some wildlife. That should relieve some of that stress – and besides, she wouldn’t have to think too hard.