It just pisses me off when the folk that one is supposed to work with sit on their butts and take things for granted instead of responding to requests for information or something else that is work-related. And then, what is even worse is when they take offense at one’s impatience to get the required information. Java is, thankfully, on the same trip as I am (for a change!), so when he experienced procrastination, without any explanation for the delay, at his current work-place (yeah, he actually does work once in a blue-moon), he responded with a cutting bit of sarcasm at the poor sod who was to blame. I saw the e-mail he sent, so know exactly how the recipient would have felt.

What happened next made things even more interesting. Java received a smart-ass response from the object of his derision telling him to “relax”!!! Knowing Java only too well, I could sense that the shit would hit the fan and the bits and pieces of excrement would surely find their way back to the idiot who had the balls to take old Java lightly. And I was right. A scathingly sarcastic mail was zapped right back – all very cool and collected on the outside, but anyone with even a modicum of insight could tell what the message implied. Even I had to admit that it was really a classy put-down in no uncertain terms. And then, after the required information was received – soon after the classy put-down – Java gets a mail from the boss of the moron who was responsible for the series of events, trying to justify the delay and telling him, in effect, not to be a prima-donna! Major mistake on her part!!

Even at the best of times Java revels in expressing himself in caustic terms that are guaranteed to pierce even the thickest of hides when he gets indignant at what he considers to be a banal attempt to justify bullshit. And so he expressed himself lucidly, to the point, and with all the panache of a true slayer of the extra-mundane. The moron’s boss probably had enough sense not to respond to Java’s deadly missive, possibly because the mail was copied to her boss as well, who just happens to be a close personal mate of ours and who would, no doubt, have sussed what was going down here, as well as there in the office he occupied abroad.

Sure enough, a conciliatory mail soon arrived in Java’s mailbox from the ‘big boss’ telling all concerned to get back to being chilled and promising to remedy the procrastination-malady existing over there. His parting suggestion to Java was to keep smiling and stay stoned so that there would then be less chance of aggression through cyber-mail landing in his mailbox.

And that was all Java needed to do the needful.