“…life is just a load of moments strung together and happiness can come from focusing on enjoying each moment as it happens, without thinking about what’s next.” That’s a quote from a book RD was reading and that he included in the post he bunged in just before he took off for a whole week of fun and games in Singapura. Weird, but Java was pondering on the very same phenomena yesterday when he was in one of those reflective moments that he sometimes gets immersed in.

As he understands it, ‘time’ is the interval, or space, between ‘thought’ and ‘action’ (something he picked up from Krishnamurthi, no doubt), so that if there was no ‘thought’, ‘time’ would cease to exist. This is the same state, he said, that practitioners of meditation techniques strive to achieve – where the ‘voice’ (or ‘voices’ for some) in the head, are silent. In short, no ‘thought’. So the moment that the ‘voice’ gets activated again, ‘time’ is operative once more for the individual.

‘Now’ is a millionth, or more, of a nano-second, so that if one were to contemplate ‘now’, it would be gone before the ‘voice’ has the ‘time’ to assess it. So RD’s quote about “focusing” on the moment “without thinking about what’s next” is, in Java’s view, pretty much where it’s at, in terms of being ‘here and now’.

Of course he was quick to point out that ‘here now’ is also ‘now here’ or ‘nowhere’.