With the touch of a satin hand like a reptile on a sheet of glass, the man with the mulitcoloured lenses on his black-eyed shades, lied through his teeth while his brain was busy working overtime, a token for his spouse who knew nothing of his tryst with the Federal Reserve.

Roll me a joint for I’m going down, down past the places I’ve been to uptown, roll me a joint as I’m going down…..

Java’s been tripping out again – this time inspired through Lennon’s plaintive vocals on Happiness is a warm gun.  There we were spacing out and watching bits of Mumbai burn and wondering where and when these fundamental crazies will see the light. Java had turned the TV sound off and put the White Album on – a much better option than listening to the commentary on insanity. His current stash was of the highest quality, so it didn’t take much to achieve the heights that allow for consciousness-stretching.

Mother Inferior say your prayers for Father Immaculate dying upstairs, Mother Inferior say your prayers. Happiness ain’t a stone cold fish, eyes glazed an all an all, happiness ain’t where them stocks tumble an fall, an happiness ain’t a cold dick in a wet warm fleshy cunzlebun. No, happiness is a swarm of butterflies in the sun

She’s not a chick who talks a lot – no no no no no nooo waayy. She’s not so used to that touch of his satin hand like a reptile sliding on that sheet of glass, glistening like those multicoloured lenses on his black-eyed shades, lying on his ass while his hand is busy sliding down her thighs in memory of his wife and her varicosed nether regions that he took when he was filled with remorse

Roll him a joint for he’s going down, down to the place that he left up-town. Roll him a spliff as he’s going down.

Happiness ain’t a limp lump, oh no it ain’t. Happiness ain’t a short stump, oh  no mamma, so when he takes you in his arms and runs his pistol down your thinger can you stand the pain of desire when you know that happiness is a tight plum – no it ain’t.

Happiness is a swarm of dragonflies in the sun.

Yes it is.