Java’s on this trip about celestial bodies recently – not the kind of celestial bodies that RD revels in (or on), but the kind that flash in the night sky. Just last week when we were tripping out at Flowerbook we both noticed Venus shining a little extra bright, but what intrigued us both was the other bright body not far from Venus. Then just yesterday we get this mail from Kranzloid that tells us about a celestial event that’s happening as we write. Check it out here if you are that way inclined.

Trying to locate the bodies in Colombo was a major bummer due to the weather conditions, but hopefully in a few days we will be at Flowerbook and should be in time for the grand finale. And if it is a clear sky, we will be in for a treat, as with the lack of ambient light the night sky at Flowerbook is such that the stars and planets look like footballs in comparison to what they look like from Colombo.

So fingers are star-crossed!