The inimitable RD has gone and done it again – gone and done a ‘Christmas Tag’ number, wanting to know what his readers (and others too, perhaps) have done during the past year. Java was intrigued – especially by the snide remark RD made about getting his (Java’s) knickers in a tag-twist, and so he dashed off the stuff that pours into his head at moments like that. And you could tell too, by the substance of his effort! Trying to stop his compulsive urge to publish was of no avail, so here it is:

So this is Christmas
And what have I done?
Got another year older
One year less young

So this is Christmas
Its almost the same
As the last one we went through
In spite of the pain
The war’s brought upon us
Nothing was gained

The year was a good one
With good times and more
With near and with dear ones
In spite of the war

So this is Christmas
Let’s hope for the best
Spread joy and love whilst you can
Karma will take care of the rest

What can I say?