It’s pretty early in the morning at Flowerbook – a rather glum morning, after a rainy night. No shafts of sunlight to light up the wet leaves and blades of grass, and the birds reflect the conditions. The dogs are reluctant to do the early morning walkabout – and I don’t really blame them as they don’t like the wet grass underfoot, where the leeches have emerged and are waiting for prey. So I decide to hang indoors and keep Java company with an early morning doob and WorldSpace’s Maestro going great guns with a Handel aria. Another cup of steaming hot coffe just hits the spot.

That was yesterday. But this morning is much the same.

Two days later – and not much has changed. Bummer!

And now today, the morning is glorious. Brillig!

Java’s thought on all this:

Jus go to show maan – da reakshun to da rate of change be directly proporshunate to da anticipashun of it!