What a start to the New Year! Death and Destruction – the former claiming the life of one of the most intrepid journalists in the history of this nation, and the latter being visited on one of the premier television stations around. Of course the war in the North has been unremitting in its contribution to the twin demons and the wasteland that once was the home of many thousands will never ever be what it used to be.

The tragedy that has befallen the country, turning it from the serendipitous, easy-going, Eden that metamorphosed into a paranoid, intolerant, divisive state could be placed squarely on the shoulders of those lusting after power at any cost. The language issue succeeded in driving away a majority of those that saw the writing on the wall, and the results of its implementation lead to a series of bloody massacres over the subsequent years that ended in a full-scale war that has lasted for the past quarter century. A whole generation knowing nothing but a state of war has resulted and the effects of their experiences will continue to affect the succeeding generations until the unlikely event of the emergence of an enlightened leadership.

But what of the present? Who is it that stands to gain from the crimes of the past few days? And is it surprising that not a single arrest has been made with regard to the many abductions, assaults and murder concerning media institutions and personnel over the past many months? Is it that the keepers of the law are inept? Or could it be that their hands are tied? Whatever the reason, the culture of violence with impunity has created an atmosphere of fear and apprehension among those who hold that basic democratic and human rights and freedom are being violated without a care in the world, as the perpetrators of the crimes are free to do what they will.

So what is the solution? The options are few and far between. If you don’t like what’s going down you are free to get the hell out and find a new home in a country that suits you better (if you are able to, that is), or you could start a clandestine organization – revolutionary style, to right the wrongs you perceive to be ‘rightable’, or you could grin and bear it and remain (as many of us do) wallowing in your apathy. Or will a show of discontent by a ‘not likely to be discounted’ section of the populace in many parts of the country be able to make a difference? It appears that the ‘international community’ is disturbed at the rapidly downward spiralling democratic environment, but are they able to do much about it?

So here we are in our beloved motherland with our hands virtually tied, and with fear and loathing at the forefront of our consciousness hoping for the best until that collective tolerance snaps under the weight of unbearable hardship.

And what then?